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Sisters of Mary World Villages for Children in Guatemala


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The Sisters of Mary World Villages for Children provides full-time residential care and education for over 20,000 vulnerable children living in poverty each year. Under the loving care of their Mother Sisters, these children have the chance to escape poverty permanently and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.  

The Sisters of Mary give children an opportunity to thrive. Children who face neglect, malnutrition, and abuse from some of the most deprived communities in Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Tanzania, and the Philippines are welcomed into our Boystowns and Girlstowns schools. They receive full-time care, a safe place to live,  medical and dental care, spiritual formation, a quality accredited education, technical training, balanced nutrition, and unconditional motherly love from their Mother Sisters helping them into an independent adult life and a productive future.  

 Over 400 Sisters of Mary with their chaplain Father Dan Leary operate 18 different residential schools in 6 countries. We strive to prepare our students to live holy lives and uphold the value of chastity. We have given almost 500 of our female students the book, Feminidad Pura, and it is clear to see it had a large and lasting impact on them. We would love to provide copies of this book in Spanish for all of our female students in Guatemala, especially those with a distorted image of love due to sexual abuse. Currently, we have just over 11,000 female students in our care with approximately 925 in Guatemala.