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Help us spread the good news of chastity around the world! As a Missionary of Chastity, you’ll equip men and women of all ages with the resources they need to embrace chastity.

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Distribute chastity resources to teens, young adults, and families on your campus or church. After you launch a project, you’ll become a Missionary of Chastity and will gain access to exclusive resources, retreats, and more!


Fund a Project

Do you want to help spread the message of chastity but are unable to launch a project of your own? Click here to fund an already existing project of your choice!

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Find out how easy and rewarding it can be to launch or fund a project as a Missionary of Chastity. We provide the resources and support you need to make a real difference.

Do you feel called to help spread the message of authentic love?

By becoming a Missionary of Chastity, you’ll partner with Chastity Project to help distribute resources to those who want to better understand—and live—chastity. Your efforts can help transform lives!