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Brazil Chastity Project
I'm a third-year theology seminarian and member of the order of the Holy Cross. We have our seminary here in Brazil and a vast retreat work that includes youth retreats as well. We are launching this project to give the teens 400 free chastity res...
Zambia Chastity Project
I am working with street kids in Lusaka, Zambia and some of them are really interested in finding another way than what their elders and the world tell them. Most kids here are pregnant or 'married' very early here (sometimes 12-14). These kids ar...
Trinidad and Tobago Chastity Project
In Trinidad and Tobago we need the message of Chastity to give hope to our young people when it comes to relationships and love. Please help us to give away 2500 chastity books and resources. 
New Zealand Chastity Project
My name is Amie I am 19 years old and I am the Director of Next Generation. Alongside many Catholic young adult volunteers, we give talks and workshops in Catholic high schools on three main topics: Theology of the Body, True Friendship and Real L...
Culture Project for Teens
The Culture Project is an initiative of young people set out to restore culture through the experience of virtue. We proclaim the inherent dignity of the human person and the richness of living a life of sexual integrity inviting our culture to be...
Chastity Coalition Belize
Each year, a group of high school seniors from Mount Carmel High School spread the good news of the transformative beauty of living chaste lives to over 300-350 middle school students by doing chastity talks, presentations, and activities at the v...
Uganda Chastity Project
I am a Catholic priest with a secondary school in Uganda. Your message and material can help some of our students to get the right info about sexuality and relationship. I would like to receive 120 assorted chastity books for the teens because the...
Pure Heart Philippines Missions
An affiliate of Corazon Puro, Pure Heart Philippines began in Cebu City in 2014 and has so far reached more than 20,000 Filipino youth all over the Philippines. We hope to give away 1000 copies of Chastity Project's "Pure Love" booklet to the Fili...
Sinaloa Chastity Project
We would like to give away 300 Spanish chastity books to young people in Sinaloa, Mexico. Please consider supporting our project! God bless you. 
The Lilies Chastity Project
Here in Nigeria, we want to reach out to over 1000 young people, in schools and parishes, on the true meaning of our sexuality. 
Lagos Chastity Project
Alumni of Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School in Lagos, Nigeria want to distribute 200 Pure Womanhood booklets and commitment cards to the students to help them to understand the value of chastity. 
Nigeria Chastity Project
I am a seminarian who will be finishing his theological studies this year in Rome. I want to bring the message of chastity to the young people when I return home to Nigeria. Please consider supporting my project to share hundreds of chastity books...
Green Bay Chastity Project
I live in Green Bay Wisconsin and I attend the Latin Mass! I want to bring the virtue of Chastity to young men and women near my campus in Green Bay and bring more souls to heaven through this virtue of chastity. I would love to celebrate my birth...
Uruguay Chastity Project
We would like to distribute these resources to help parents and teens in Uruguay understand the importance of chastity in their lives. The culture here does not support them and we need help forming both teens and parents in purity.
Sisters of Mary World Villages for Children in Guatemala
The Sisters of Mary World Villages for Children provides full-time residential care and education for over 20,000 vulnerable children living in poverty each year. Under the loving care of their Mother Sisters, these children have the chance to esc...
Pro Vida Project
Pro Vida is seeking to support and motivate youth to practice chastity through free resources and information. At Pro Vida we know chastity is important to the physical, emotional, and mental health of teens. We seek the Virgin Mary's intercession...
Columbian Apostolate Chastity Project
We would love support for our Apostolate in Columbia to continue evangelization with young people and families. We would like to provide these materials for marriage preparation, to homeschool students, and teens in our community.
Ohio Middle School Project
I would like to provide this to the girls in the Catholic Middle School in my community so they don't struggle with giving into sexual temptation and know they are worth waiting for. 
Virtual Project
I want to listen to and guide teenagers, giving virtual group sessions once a week, where they can find answers to their questions and the opportunity to create a community with other girls like them who want to have mature relationships and disco...
8th Grade Graduation Project
I would like to provide 8th grade students these resources as they graduate so they can continue to grow, in the understanding of the gift of their Sexuality, that is sacred and worth protecting.
University of Tennessee Project
The University of Tennessee in Knoxville is hosting a "Sex Week" at the end of March where different organizations will be handing out contraceptives, encouraging pre-marital sex and spreading lies about the hookup culture. We must fight back agai...